Handmade and customized electro cauterized key ring

  • 價格: NT$ 140
  • 國家: 台灣
  • 州/省: 台灣
  • 市/縣: 台北市
  • 鄉鎮區: 未提供
  • 地址: 雲林縣斗六市石榴路222巷28號
  • calendar 發佈日期: 2016/11/20


The wish sentences can be customized on the Key ring, a good choice to be a gift.


Material: greige

 Size: Customized


Notice of electrocautery:

1. Please provide the English words or sentences. Designer will decide the length of wristband depended on the words or sentences you gave.

2. This product cannot choice the fonts.

3. If you want to assign the length of wristband, please discuss with the designer.


Clean method:


1. Using toothbrush with toothpaste to brush it.

2. Wash by the clean water.

3. Using the towel cover on the wristband then using the fan or put in the

sunshine to let it dry (Need change the towel after a while.)

4. Finally you could use hair drier dry the blind angles

5. If the bracelet is damaged or the color of it fades. You can send it back to


repair it. (Need transport fee)



: 台灣 台灣 台北市 雲林縣斗六市石榴路222巷28號






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